Top 10 Scariest Cults you don't want to meet

We have the Top 10 Scariest Cults you DON’T want to meet. Before I get started – it is customary forme to ask you a question… so take this with a pinch of salt – cults are pretty bad afterall

10 - NXIVM- Well! NXIVM have been in the news a lot recently! The cult was alleged to be an American marketing company that offered professional and personal development through a series of Executive Success Program. It turns out it was basically a pyramid scheme, which, you know… kind of sucks… but beyond that, it seems that the NXIVM has been accused of housing a cult called DOS, or the VOW in which women were branded and forced into sexual slavery. NXIVM leader, Keith Raniere, is said to be the head of the cult, too. Here is a snap of one of the so called branding wounds. Each stamp is said to contain Raniere’sinitials. Dynasty actress Catherine Oxenberg claimed the group brain washed her daughter, convincing her to send them nudes as collateral so that she is deterred from leaving the cult, on top of that, it is said members provide secrets and bank details. It seems that in the DOS cult, members are forced to recruit more people and if they don’t, they are beaten with paddles. It is said that there is an Emmy Award Winning Actress high up in the group recruiting new members. This is all going on in Albany New York, apparently. Actress Alison Mack of Smallville – she pleases guilty to racketeering charges brought against her – saying I’m very sorry for who I’ve hurt through my misguided adherence to Keith Raniere’s teachings. Was anyone else sitting there, thinking about the whole collateral thing and thinking it sounds similar to another popular American organization…. Because HELLO Church of Scientology.

9- A lot of people consider the Church of Scientology to be a cult…. And … I mean… Actress Elizabeth Moss has urged people tobe more considerate towards people who have different beliefs to you, which I can get…but at the same time, the rumours surrounding the Church, famously attended by Tom Cruise, are pretty wild. If the rumours are to be believed, the Church of Scientology gets people in with a personality test, gets them to work at the church for free, or donate a lot of money to proceed to the next levels. They are also require to give collateral to the church and sign a billion year contract to the cause. As they climb up the levels, they are taught about the intergalactic overlord, Xenu. On the Scientology website – there is a FAQ page titled: Is Sceintology a Cult According to the church themselves. No. I quote It is a religion in the fullest sense of the word.

8 - The Cargo Cult. The Cargo Cult story is basically a morality lesson for those thinking of abusing their power over others. Stephen Tari gathered six thousand disciples in Papua New Guinea’s jungles and encouraged them to be part of his sect. He started wearing white robes to conduct sermons and preached his own version of Gospel, calling himself Black Jesus. His cult relocated to the jungle and lived a somewhat tribalistic existence, with Tari at the helm. As well as in doctrinating people to believe he was a holy man, he also encouraged them to do his bidding. He would lead people to murder and eat people. On one occasion he slaughtered a virgin he called his Flower Girl and encouraged his following to drink her blood. One mother testified that she was made to drink her own daughter’s blood. At one point it Tari was sent to jail for his crimes, but managed to break free from jail and back into the arms of his former cult. However, In 2013, he got his just desserts. The cult went too far when they abducted and killed a 15 year old school girl from a nearby village. 80 men from her village set upon Tari ahead of a big feast his cult followers had planned for him . He was hacked to death. Savage… but probably fair. Authorities in Papua New Guinea are worried that the cult still exists with a new leader taking charge.

7 - Aghori Sect. Just when you thought you already had enough flesh eating cults for one, I am bringing in another…and they have a weird sex ritual thing going on too. SO the Aghori Sect are involved in an ancient religion – they worship the hindu goddess Shiva or Kali – often associated with death and destruction. A website I found about the sect told me that when Kali wants satisfaction, the usually celibate sect find a corpse to satisfy her with. That isn’t the extent of their relations with the dead, either, they also will eat their flesh from time to time. They also do believe in spiritual healing and transformative power, which is less threatening… I was almost in a bit of a… you know what.. you do you kind of place… so long as they aren’t hurting anyone.. whatever… but then I watched a video of the Aghori talking to a journalist and I thought…actually….. again… I don’t wanna tangle with them! He was given a crown of teeth to wear…… which is one thing. .. but then the journalist asks a fair question in the answer is stressful…..

6 - Superior Universal Alignment. Luckily this Cult no longer exists , but historically speaking, you wouldn’t have wanted to meet them. The SUA was a cult founded by a woman in her mid 70s, Valentina de Andrade. It seems the group were prevalent in the early 90s in Argentina…their satanic murder rituals kind of overshadow the groups intentions but it seems that De Andreade believes she received a message from aliens that god does not exits, and actually Jesus was an alien who was tasked with bring about the end of times. Those who purged evil would be saved. How would one go about purging evil, according the aliens and the SUA? Killing boys born after 1981. First she tried to convince people to give up their children so they could have a spot on her space ship, but in the end she straight up encouraged her followers to abduct boys for sacrifice. In Argentina, at 19 boys were mutilated and murdered – 5 of them were never found and a bunch more escaped – some of the escapees had been castrated. Grim. While the cult leaders were brought to justice in 2003, it sees that off shoots of the SUA still exist in Austria.

5 - The Order of the Solar Temple. This cult was founded in 1984 by Joseph di Mambro and Luc Jouret in Geneva – but they had, and perhaps still have, off shoots in France, Australia, Canada and Spain. The Order seem to have been inspired by the ancient Knights Templar in France. The Temple had many secret underground churches in Switzerland and had so called lodges elsewhere across the world, covered in riches. It seems that the cult believed that god was a solar king and their mission was to unite Christianity and Islamic Churches. Oof. In order to prepare for the second coming, the cult murdered a baby with a wooden stake at a lodge in Quebec and later staged a reenacted last supper before killing dozens of people across the world – while other cult members committed mass suicide in response to the – I quote - hypocrisies and oppression of this world. Two days before Christmas in 1995, 16 bodies were discovered in a star-formation in the Vercors mountains of France. One of the dead included Olympian Edith Bonlieu. One of the leasers arrested was famous composer Michel Tabachnik, but he was cleared of the charges and is now a free man. He was the leader of the Brussels Philharmonic orchestra until 2015.

4 – Happy Science. but the name sounds so friendly and fun! I am happy… I like science … maybe I have found my people. Don’t Joke about cults. Don’t. So Happy Science are a new religious and spiritual cult founded by Ryuho Okawa… It doesn’t have a lot to do with science at all… but they are working on the happy part …how do they get happy ? Well by denying historical massacres, saying they simply didn’t happen. Happy Science CLAIM to have ten million followers around the world. They also claim they are in contact with aliens…and I know what you are thinking…but they have picture proof! Except those pictures look suspiciously like stills from Star Wars.

3- The Temple of Lucifer Vice. Did a great documentary about Columbia’s Temple of Lucifer – they are a satanic cult lead by Víctor Damián Rozo who claims to be the son of the devil! It seems that Rozo used to be a catholic but has decided to give his life to luicifer and has made it his mission to recruit so called Lucifarians. The VICE video was published in 2017 and had 2.4 million views – I think it deserves more ! So, the Church of Lucifer has pretty sweet décor … very nuveaux satan. Sultry red leather chairs, red curtains, a big black and red satanic pentacle on the floor, backlit upside down crosses and an altar to the dark lord himself… that makes it sound like I am talking about Voldemort… I’m talking about SCP 1…. the red devil himself. Rozo has claimed that a lot of high profile people, including celebrities, have secretly visited the temple. In the vice doc, it seems locals are perturbed by the amount of animals ritually sacrificed by the group. Want a peep inside the church… his sermon is in Spanish… but have a look. Rozo’s invites people to become millionaires by making pacts with the devil. I think that’s a bad idea, if I’m honest with you!

2 - Aleph. Aleph, formally known as Aum Shinrikyo, is a horrifying Japanese doomsday cult. This is their symbol …. So watch out for it. Aleph was founded in 1987 by Shoko Asahara, a forty-year old, legally blind, former yoga teacher poses under the guise of being a Buddhist group, and have traditionally been obsessed with prophecies. Aleph have been known to distribute anime and manga propaganda that cleverly hide their more radical ideals. Basically, to simplify this cult, they believe the end of the world is coming and they want to be ready. The group have carried out several chemical attacks on the public, including most famously the March 1995 Tokyo Subway attack which killed 13 commuters but effected over 1000. Those who fall out of favour with the cultare murdered, their bodies dumped - one fun example – Kiyoshi Kariya was the brother was a member who escaped. He was abducted from Tokyo, taken ri a compound near mount fuji then cooked in a microwave powered incinerator. You don’t want to hustle with Aleph. While their leader, Asahara, has been arrested, Aleph still has around 2000 members.

1 - The KKKKlan is basically another word for cult and the KKK are an enduring hate cult that was founded on Chirstmas eve, no less, of 1865, in Tennesse USA. It seems that the head quarters are these days hidden away in Arkansas. Most of you will have heard of the KKK – they are a white supremacist group associated with right wing extremism and neo nazi ideals… eventhough…. they pre-date the nazis. The KKK were most prevalent in the late 1800s to mid 1900s and would frequently be behind lynching of African Americans. The KKK have been deemed a terrorist organization-famously they held terrifying Rally's in their cult disguise costumes where they would burn crosses and set fire to buildings of their enemies. Children would, and still are being raised in cricles, believing staunchly in white purification. The history is long, vast, gross and not over. KKK chapters still exist in the US as well as Europe, Canada and, weirdly, Fiji. WOW what a list! That was the Top 10 Scariest Cults that you DON’T want to meet. Does anyone want to meet any cult to be fair??

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