Some Important Things to keep in mind all the time

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Don't dwell on the past.

Don't give up after the first failure.

Don't let others influence your emotions.

Don't waste time feeling sorry for yourself.

Don't waste energy on things you can't control.

Three things you can't recover in life: The word after it said, The moment after its missed, The time after its gone.

How o level up: Leave your ego at the door. Let go of any self-harming habits. Distance yourself from toxic people. Read daily. Count your blessings. Write down all of your goals. Meditate.

Why to never give up: You haven't tried everything yet. You are closer to success than you actually think. If you don't finish, someone else will. Right before your success, there is a dark place.

If you give up then what?

Past failure does not predict the future.

Personal growth mantras: Listen a lot. Meet new and different people. Be on time. Learn more from failure stories than success stories. Be curious and ask questions. Take care of your health. Do what you love. Be useful to others. Don't make the smartphone a habit.

Things you shouldn't care about: People who don't care about you, the more you care the less they will care about you. Toxic people- Don't let their negative energy drain you. Age- It's never too late or too soon. Your past. Society's beauty standards. What others think.

Happiness tips: Keep love in your heart. Look on the bright side. Remove expectations.

Know what you want in your life.

Constantly focus on what you want in life.

Consistently take action on what you want in your life.

Enjoy what you have now that you always wish for.

Things you can learn from your mother: Family always comes first. Be kind to everyone. Help others in need. Be blessed for what you have. Work hard. Be a good friend. Listen first. Be understanding of others. Be proud of your name. be forgiving. Love unconditionally.

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