India's Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft Program

Today we will discuss Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft. A fifth-generation fighter aircraft concept on which India is working. You all might hear about  India is Fastracking its Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft program. The first prototype of this fifth-generation aircraft will be available by the year 2024.

As we know that India's Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft program is expedited. All the organizations which are involved in this project are working hard to shorten the timeline. Three parties that are included in this project are the Indian Air Force, Aeronautical Development Agency, and Hindustan Aeronautics limited. Further news is the design of this Advance Medium Combat Aircraft has been frozen and it will be a single-seat, twin-engine, all-weather multirole fighter aircraft. further news is that the commitment of the Indian Air Force toward Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft as per the news initially Indian Air Force will acquire 120 Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft. And later more aircraft will be inducted in services as per the requirements. The chairman and managing director of Hindustan Aeronautical Limited Mr. R Madhvan while talking to media a couple of weeks ago said that the Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft will not be developed only by Hindustan Aeronautical limited but there will be a private sector company which will form a joint venture with Aeronautical development agency and Hindustan Aeronautical Limited. And this new company will be developing an Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft.  As we know by this news the first prototype of this Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft will be available by the year 2024. And after five years of regress testing, this Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft will be entering the service by 2029.  This Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft will be powered by a high thrust engine. And it will be developed by the Defense Research and Development Organization and Rolls Royce together. And Active Scan Array Radar that is been develop by Defense Research and Development organization for Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft. Uttam Active Electronically scanned array Radar is in testing. As per the reports, it will be up for the certification in the year 2022. Then there's is one more catchy thing is The Astra Beyond Visual Radar missile is too long for the internal weapon bay for the Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft and short length missile will need to be developed for the Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft. All the Beyond Visual range missiles are almost the same in length and it will be difficult in the development of Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft.  The promised timeline for Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft given by Hindustan Aeronautical Limited is 2025 for the first prototype and five years of testing from there onwards. In short, by 2030 Hindustan Aeronautical has been promising Advance Medium Combat Aircraft will be inducted in the services of the Indian Air Force. But the first prototype will be ready by 2024 as per the latest news. So all the component which are needed for the development of the Indian Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft and work om this aircraft can start now. But the first prototype will be ready by the year 2024 and all processes like tendering, testing and other processes will be completed by 2026 and the production can be start and the timeline which is promised by the Hindustan Aeronautical Limited can be achieved. But in reality, it might be a different scenario. What you think let us know, give your thoughts.

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