Many people asked me that the shampoo that they use, does not suit them. They also have some skin problem in their scalp, what should they use to wash their hair with?

Today, I will teach you how to make home-made Ayurvedic shampoo, so that you can use this for your scalp and hair-related issues, like hair fall which can get sorted out, or to sort out the problem of premature greying. There are many causes behind premature greying, by using market-bought shampoos. You may say that you are using Ayurvedic shampoos.

Many times, the market-bought Ayurvedic shampoos that you buy, are not that effective and good. I am not criticizing any product or any company for that sake. The fact is that they have added ingredients weighing 2 grams, These minuscule quantities of 2 grams, and 5 grams of the ingredients, in a bottle with such low impact, what will that give you? This is my understanding. I must reiterate that I am not criticizing anyone. Sometimes, some people have good results. But home-made products, cannot compare to store-bought products. It is futile to compare. I will teach you how to make home-made Ayurvedic shampoo.

It is not that you can prepare and store this in a bottle. It is not so. This has to be made fresh. All you could do, that if you have to prepare for a day, then make it for a day, or if you want to make it for two times usage, you can do so, Those who use it every day, can make it at a go for 4 days to a week, but no longer than this.

It will get spoilt, and start smelling. You have to remember these things. After that, let us understand how to make it? You need 9 ingredients to prepare this. 9 ingredients at the maximum, as per my recommendation, or if not, then a minimum of 3 ingredients is needed. If someone cannot spend a lot, to buy all these ingredients, if it is difficult to pound these things, then use a minimum of 3 ingredients. The minimum 3 ingredients are called 'main ingredients'.

The other 6 ingredients which go to add value, which are providing support along... If you use all those 9 ingredients, then it will be useful in the scalp problems as well. For example, eczema in the scalp, or seborrheic dermatitis in the scalp, causing flaky scales from the scalp. There are many such problems. or Scalp psoriasis. In such a case, using a store-bought shampoo is of no use. In such a case, use this shampoo. Let us understand what are the ingredients needed to make this. The first ingredient needed is 100 grams of Amla.

This 100 grams Amla should be dry. Every herb that I mention, which I won't repeat, is dry and should be bought from a 'Pansari' (grocer). A Pansari is one who sells herbs, in loose quantities. They do not sell tablets, but loose herbs- They are called 'Pansari'. Some people ask, who is a Pansari, so I thought that I should explain. You have to buy and use these ingredients. 100 grams Amla, To that, you will add 100 grams Reetha. This is also like Amla, it is round, and has black seeds within. The seeds will also get crushed. Amla, Reetha...the third ingredient after this, are Shikakai pods Shikakai - 100 grams.

Take 100 grams each of all 3 ingredients, as these are the main ingredients. If you wish, then you can make the shampoo using these 3 ingredients, without using the rest, that is okay too. But, if you are interested, and wish to know more, that if you have decided to make this, then rather do it properly. In this preparation, 6 more ingredients are added. The rest of the 6 ingredients. 3 out of which are 10 grams each, That is Giloy, dry stems, from the 'Pansari', buy stem of Giloy plant-10 grams. You have to take 10 grams of Brahmi. This has to be the dried variety, and 10 grams Bhringraj.

This is also used in the dry form. I am repeatedly telling you this, these are the three ingredients, which make it 6. The rest of the 3 ingredients are, 5 grams Henna, the Henna that you apply to your hair. You can take the natural green Henna in powdered form. You have to take 5 grams. You have to take 5 grams of Tulsi and another 5 grams of Neem. If you have fresh Tulsi or Neem in your house, you can pluck and dry it in shade. The shade-dried Neem, will be added to the preparation. These are the 9 ingredients. It is a fabulous formula, and is very good.

I am telling you as per the ratios needed, which will make it even better. This formula for the shampoo, many times there is less lather... lather means the foam that is created when washing the hair, that is lesser than normal. What to do in such a case? If you wish to have more lather, then add more Reetha. Instead of using 100 grams of Reetha, you can use 150 grams, if you want it stronger, then you can use 200 grams as well. Reetha will give you more lather. These are the ingredients. Now, what is to be done is, to pound all the ingredients, in a pounder. An iron pounder is best. Take the ingredients one by one and crush each.

The fewer the ingredients that you add in the pounder, the better is the pounding effect. Crush little by little, and keep removing it out, and keep adding the other herbs. So, when all the herbs have been pounded, then add all the ingredients, and pound them together for some time. Do not make a fine powder. This has to be crushed coarsely-'Jokut' 'Jokut' means something which is not exactly powdered, and something that is not very coarse. A mixture, like 'Chiwda' of beaten rice flakes, You have prepared this mixture. You can store this for 6 months to a year. It will remain good. Keep it in an airtight container, so it does not get spoilt.

The day you are supposed to have a hair wash, the night before your hair wash, Massage your head with oil. Many people do not do a head massage. This should not be applied to dry hair. Oil massage is important. For those who are prohibited from having a head massage, in some special cases, in that case, you can apply curd to your hair in the morning, and leave it for up to 30 minutes. Curd and oil can both be applied. Do an oil massage at night, and apply curd in the morning, before hair wash, for a maximum of 10-15 minutes.

The previous night take a fistful of the powder, which you have prepared, in an iron pot, and add 1 to 1.5 glass water and boil it well. If you wish to make it for two people, then you can do so. In that case, add 2 fistfuls. If you wish to make it for 3 people, then add 3 fistfuls. If you want to make it for everyone in the family, add as many fistfuls as the number of people. If you make this for 3 people, it may work out for 4 people as well. That is also possible. This has to be boiled rather well after adding water. Even if you boil without a lid, that doesn't matter.

Boil it for 10 minutes, and you notice that it has started to simmer, and it has been properly infused in the water, then you can turn off the flame. After turning off the flame, cover it, and allow it to remain in that iron pot You can buy an iron pot from the market, or one can find an iron pot in most houses. Allow it to remain in that pot. The objective behind using an iron pot is that, it helps blacken the hair, and keep the hair in good condition. The iron will get absorbed in the preparation, which will blacken the hair.

There is Amla also, which has iron, which is also good. But more effectiveness, is achieved by using an iron pot to prepare this. You can prepare this and leave it covered overnight. In the morning, when you go for a hair wash, first, rub these ingredients, for 2-4 minutes. What will happen by rubbing? The solution that was soaked overnight... the real essence of the medicines, is absorbed by all the herbs that you added to the mixture. When you rub these, it will impart all its effects on the solution. Rub them, squeeze them properly and then discard.

Collect the remaining water. Separate the water. Each member can take one bowl each of this water. Everyone can pour this on their scalp, make up some lather, if extra water is needed, for dry hair, you may add more water. I don't think that it will be needed though. Because when you pour one bowl on your head, there will be some lather, you may add more water to form more lather, and massage it well in your scalp for about 2 minutes. Do not hastily do what people do... that as soon as they apply the shampoo, they rinse it off. I am not telling you to keep sitting for 10 minutes like crazy, and keep massaging.

This is wrong. I will tell you the difference between right and wrong. Even if this video stretches too long, but it is better to understand well and use it later for life. Only then it is worthwhile. There is fun in this. For a minute or two, you massage your scalp, and you think it is enough, and you would have applied it through the length of your hair, and that oil has been cleared. It will lather, but not as much. It will be natural, as much as is needed to clean the scalp. Do not get worried, if you are not able to work up that much lather that you like, you won't get that much lather. It will just be a normal lather. Then rinse it off with plain water. Start using this.

Who washes their hair twice, can use it twice a week, and if you wash it three times, then you can do thrice. If someone is interested and wants a daily hair wash, they may do so. I have no problem. You have to see how much can you do. This is far better than shampoo, you can prepare and store it. As I said earlier to rub it well and squeeze it, After squeezing it, you can store it in a bottle, and can use it for a week. Even if you do this much as I just shared, you will have an excellent hair wash. Hair fall and all the other problems, that you keep sharing with me, it will help with all of these concerns.

Simultaneously, take a good diet, you know that you should have Amla and all fruits and vegetables, Instill 'Anu Tail' in your nostrils. I have made a video on 'Anu Tail'. If you have been able to locate that video, then very good. If, however, you haven't found it, then very soon, it will be made available to you. You will instill this oil in your nostrils, and used this preparation, the hair starts becoming better and turning black and hair fall stops. People who have hair fall, and are having hair loss, causing baldness in the center, will be benefitted from 'Anu Tail' and this DIY shampoo.

But remember this, sometimes it is possible that the pores have been closed. The pore through which the hair grows, become completely clogged. In those conditions, the hair will not grow. You can check for that, by sitting in the sun for 5-7 minutes in the early morning. If the scalp in the area of no-hair, starts sweating properly, and after applying, within 15-20 days, start noticing a difference using these two remedies... Simultaneously, you can take the juice of Bhringraj. which can be taken 3 teaspoons in the morning and evening.

If it is in powder form, then 1 teaspoon in the morning and evening, can be taken with water. Some companies also make Bhringraj tablets. capsule or tablets, whatever is available. Take this, instill 'Anu Tail' in the nostrils, at the same time start using the home-made shampoo. Do not do anything more than this. Have a good diet. Your hair will become black, long, and lush. It may take some time, but with time, all things improve.

This is all for today. Goodbye (Namaskaram)! A poor man with rich-quality thoughts, gradually becomes rich. Whereas, a rich person with poor quality thoughts, eventually becomes poor!

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