Home remedy for your ulcer you can try at home

In this article, I'll be talking about stomach ulcer treatment at home so if you've been following our other videos you know that I dealt with a stomach ulcer and I was able to heal my stomach ulcer naturally with no antibiotics or any types of medicines I healed my stomach ulcer by eating specific foods and so in this I'm gonna go through what I eat in a day and I'm gonna show you what I eat from the time I wake up till the time I go to bed and these were the items that were really crucial in helping me to heal my stomach ulcer at home now before I jump in and give you some tips and show you what I eat in a day.

I just want to mention that some individuals who have a stomach ulcer are risk for bleeding so it's really crucial that you speak with your health care professional before you make any drastic changes in your diet also this video is clearly for informational purposes only this is what worked for me when I was dealing with a stomach ulcer and may or may not work for you so always important to talk to your health care provider all right so let's talk about some tips in terms of treating a stomach ulcer at home the first thing to do was.

To follow an anti-inflammatory diet I made sure that I avoid processed foods I avoided caffeine I avoided anything that would irritate my stomach at all and so if you're wondering about what foods you should avoid with a stomach ulcer I've already done a video on a stomach ulcer which I will link up here with a list of foods to avoid and the reasons why you should avoid those foods so I wanted to focus on eating foods that were anti-inflammatory which would promote gut healing so I made sure I focused on an anti-inflammatory diet and ate things like green leafy vegetables avocado olive oil you know things with omega 3 fatty acid and antioxidants and you know if you're interested in the anti-inflammatory foods that I eat throughout the week let me know in the comments down below second thing to do was to eat smaller meals throughout the day

I know intermittent fasting is trending right now and so a lot of people are either eating one meal a day or only having two meals a day but when you have a stomach ulcer eating a large meal will actually increase the production of acids in your stomach and when you have that increased production of stomach acid obviously it's gonna irritate the lining of your stomach and if you're dealing with a stomach ulcer you already know that when it's hurting it feels like your stomach is on fire and so when you're in pain you don't want to do anything else to cause more pain so I was eating smaller meals throughout the day so for instance instead of having one meal you know at the end of the day I would have a meal every three hours and so I'm going to show you exactly what I was eating and talk about the increments in which I eat these foods.

You know like I would have something at eight nine twelve you know three and again at six and then I'd also have a little snack at eight thirty and then before I went to bed I had a cup of tea but I'll go through that coming up so make sure you stick around to the end so you can see what I ate throughout the day the next tip that I want to share is to make sure that you're eating foods that are rich in probiotics and the reason for that is because when you're eating these probiotics they'll help to balance out your gut microbiome and so you want to make sure that you have probiotic rich foods and you'll hear me when I'm talking about what I eat in a day say well I'm eating this item because it's rich in probiotics so that those were my tips now let's jump in and look at what I eat in a day and if you're enjoying this type of content guys I'm asking you just give this video a thumbs up so that I can know to keep making more videos like this alright let's take a look at what I eat in a day so about an hour before I have breakfast which is an 8 a.m. I start my day with either 8 ounces of aloe vera juice or I have my homemade cabbage juice and if you haven't seen that recipe I will link it in the description box below so you can see how I make my homemade cabbage juice so for breakfast I'm just going to be making a breakfast bowl with yogurt and what I have is this plant-based organic dairy-free cashew yogurt um you can see that it's per has probiotics in it so and it only has one gram of sugar so when you look you also see that it has live and active culture so these probiotics are really good for good health I also have almond butter I'm gonna use one teaspoon of this almond butter you can see just plain roasted almonds nothing else in it I have some organic blackberries and some organic blueberries and I love using blackberries and blueberries because they are packed with antioxidants I also have some chia seeds which I'll sprinkle on top chia seeds great for fiber and also give you some protein I also have a banana I won't be using the whole banana I'll just be using half of the banana and then here I also have this raw honey you can use raw honey or manuka honey if you have that I'm actually not going to add that into my bowl today but if you wanted to you could add maybe a teaspoon of this raw honey so all I did was I poured some of my yogurt so I'm not having a large portion remember when you have a stomach ulcer you want to eat small portions and so this is my bowl just has some of the yogurt the blackberries and blueberries it has a half a banana one teaspoon of that almond butter and then I have not even a half a cup of this cashewgurt and then I just sprinkled some chia seeds on top and that's my breakfast so it's 12:00 p.m. and it's lunch time so for lunch what I'm having is a salad so in my bowl I have some spinach and I have some cucumber chopped up and then I'll also have a half of an avocado so I'm just gonna take one whole avocado and just cut it in half and I'll have half of that and then on top I'll just add some tuna so this is the tuna that I use it doesn't have any salt added and it's by while planet and then I'm not going to add any dressing to my salad but if I was in the mood for dressing all I would do is I would just sprinkle some of this olive oil I'd mix that up with a little bit of salt but today I'm just gonna keep it simple and I'm just going to add my tuna and mix that in with my avocado and then eat it just like that one of the things you also notice I is this coconut kefir and you'll see it's a living probiotic shot these are so good and so the serving size is two fluid ounces so I will you know drink two fluid ounces of this before I eat my meal also

You guys know that one of the things I talked about in my other video that I would eat before that had before eating my meals is DGL or D glycerine Deglycrrhizinated licorice root extract so this is the one that I use from Whole Foods and so I'm just going to chew two of these before I eat and what this does is that it coats your stomach so deglycrrhizinated licorice root extract is really great when you're dealing with a stomach ulcer and so that's my lunch and then I will show you what I'm having for my snack later on for my 3 p.m. snack I'm having some bone broth so this is from kettle and fire you could make your own bone broth at home and I just don't have the time to do that.

Today so I'm going to have this kettle and fire bone broth if you would like on how to make your own bone broth at home let me know in the comments down below and I'll definitely show you how I make my bone broth but for today I'm just going to use this kettle and fire bone broth so this particular flavor the mushroom chicken to me tastes the best so this is what I'm using and what you can see is the serving size is one cup and there are actually two servings in this package so I just poured 8 ounces and it's 10 grams of protein and with this bone broth it's great it doesn't have anything that's inflammatory so this has chicken bone broth in it which is water chicken bones organic onions organic carrots this is a really good flavor and then on the side it gives you directions for how do you enjoy you can either heat up on the stove or you can microwave it for 40 seconds on high and so really quick so I'll have this at 3 p.m. for my snack so for my dinner at 6 o'clock so again eating small meals every three hours while you have a ulcer is what worked for me.

For my dinner at 6:00 I'm going to have some salmon with roasted Brussels sprouts so you'll see I have three pieces of salmon I'm obviously not gonna eat all three pieces guys I'm just gonna make extra so I'll have it for the next day and I'm just gonna have one piece of the salmon once it's done so this is wild caught salmon and so all I'm going to do is I'm just going to sprinkle one tablespoon of olive oil just rub that in and then on top of that I'm gonna season my salmon with some minced garlic because obviously garlic is good for your gut very healthy anti-inflammatory I'm going to sprinkle some dried thyme on top I'm also going to sprinkle one of my favorite anti-inflammatory seasonings which is turmeric so that will be on here as well a little bit of Himalayan pink salt I'll also put on top to season.

Finally I will also season this with some dried oregano leaves so that's all I'm going to do I'm going to wrap this in foil and stick it in the oven at 375 degrees for 25 minutes and I'm telling you once you take this out it will be so delicious now in terms of what I'm eating with the salmon I'm going to have some roasted Brussels sprouts so to make these Brussels sprouts all I'm going to do is just cut them in half or rinse them and then just toss them with a little bit of that Himalayan pink salt and also sprinkle some garlic powder on top and then add some olive oil and stick that in the oven as well and guys I'm telling you this meal is delicious and something that definitely will help you with your healing so definitely add this to your stomach ulcer diet menu plan because this one is yummy

I'm going to show you guys another option that I also have for dinner because guys I don't know about you but I can't eat the same thing every single day so I have an alternative so if I'm having the salmon today tomorrow I'll have this other option that I'm about to show you right now other thing that I like to eat for dinner is I have these while Pacific sardines and so I will just heat these up and I have some rice cauliflower so I'll either stir-fry this cauliflower with just a little bit of olive oil the minced garlic and some turmeric or what I'll do sometime is I'll just add a little bit of olive oil still add my garlic and then I will put this in my food processor and I will mash this up and so basically will be like mashed potatoes but it's really just mashed cauliflower and I'll put my sardines on top and then for vegetables.

I know cauliflower is vegetables but still again when I'm thinking about gut health one of the things I like to do is make sure I'm having as many healing foods and as possible and so what I'll do is I'll steam some carrots and some broccoli and I'll put that on the side and that's something else that I'll eat for dinner so if you don't want to eat the salmon this sardine is another option and so guys this is really good sardines a good in omega-3 fatty acids so very good for you healthy anti-inflammatory so these are my options for dinner so it's 8 o'clock and I'll have another snack and for my snack I'm just gonna have 8 ounces of this mushroom chicken bone broth so that's my snack and then at 9:00 I'm going to have some tea so.

I will show you what I'm having for my 9 o'clock tea so the last thing I'm going to have before going to bed is a cup of chamomile tea so as you can see this is caffeine free because remember if you're having caffeine that can irritate an ulcer and chamomile tea is great and soothing to your stomach especially when you have an ulcer and I love to drink this at nighttime because again I feel like I also go to sleep really well drinking this chamomile tea so I just have this I don't add any sugar or honey or anything it's just plain water and I stick the teabag right in and I have this before I go to bed and that's all I eat for the day when I'm trying to heal my ulcer.

so I hope that you find this helpful if you found these helpful definitely make sure you're giving it a thumbs up alright guys so that's what I eat in a day to heal my stomach ulcer let me know which one of these menu items you are most excited to try and if you enjoy this

like I said before give it a thumbs up share with your friends and subscribe for more awesome content just like this before you leave I just want to remind you you're only one prayer away thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in the next one bye guys take care

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