Here's the list of Top Indian Weapons you need to know

India is one of the most advanced military forces nations. Has a number of weapons that can conquer almost everything. Nowadays military power takes a huge role in the nation's power.

Today we are going to have a look at what weapons India has in its storages.

Prithvi Air Defence system :

It is a double tier system consisting of land and sea-based interceptor missile. Mainly the Prithvi Air Defence System for high altitude interception and Advance air defence system missile for lower altitude interception. This two-layered missile should be able to intercept any incoming missile launched from 5000 km away. The system also includes an overlapping network for early warning and tracking radars as well as command and control centre with the best of the pad missile. Also, India is the 4th country to have successfully developed the Intercontinental ballistics missiles system after United States, Russia, Israel. 

INS Chakra :

Nuclear powered submarine INS Chakra, The real name is Nerpa. Chakra has 36 torpedo and anti-ship missiles. which makes almost zero noise levels and can accommodate 80 personnel. India invested nearly over $900 million in development of chakra and in return, Russia leased it to the Indian navy for 10 years. US, France, China are the only other country to have a nuclear-powered submarine.

INS Vishakhapatnam :

The destroyer, on 23rd April 2017 the Indian navy launched its newest and by far the most powerful and advanced stealth destroyer called INS Vishakhapatnam. Once crescent as an India naval ship in July 2018 this destroyer become the most advanced battleship to sail the water. The 163 meters long and 7300 tons in weight. With high weight supersonic missiles with a long-range surface to air missiles multifunctional of radars and alert systems, torpedo, and rocket launcher systems.

Sukhoi Su 30 MKI :

This is an air superiority fighter jet which is produced by India's Hindustan Aeronautic limited company from the Russian made fighter jet Sukhoi Su 30 MK. Here is "I" stand for India after its been modified by India's war need by the French. Israeli and Indian Navy on it in collaboration with a name to create the ultimate SU 30 variant for India. It can load up to 8 tons of weapons. It will be getting fitted with Brahmos and NAMIC cruise missiles.

BRAHMOS Missile :

Brahmos is compared with the other competitive missiles It has three times more velocity and three times more flight range. Four times more seeker range and nine times connecting range. The production rate is set to be 100 missiles per year. Also, the missile guarantees one point accuracy with the hypersonic speed throughout the flight. Also, the whole Brahmos project is expected to cross the $13 billion.

Hope you like the information about these Indian weapons that are highly capable. 

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