Here's how you can treat loose motion at home

Greetings (Namaskaram)! Today we will discuss, when any family member, from a child to an elderly, has loose motions, what steps should we take? In emergency situations when we have no means, in such situations, it is more important to have accurate information, as to what steps can we take, to remedy this situation, what are the steps to be avoided, till such time as you get medical aid. How should our routine be in such times? What mistakes cause the problem to increase? We will talk about this.

First of all, please give only those foods that I advise, and if the cause of loose motions is excessive eating, or is the result of food poisoning, then in such a case, you should stop eating food.

The first step is, if you can find camphor at home, if it is available then it is excellent. There is a homoeopathic medicine also -CAMPHORA, that is made from camphor. But if you can find camphor at home, the size starting the size of wheat grain, going up to the size of black chickpeas, which can be used from a child to an elderly person, this camphor has to be taken with just this much water, which has been boiled and cooled, is given to the person affected. This dose is repeated in 15-20 minutes, then again one dose after 15-20 minutes. In case of an emergency, we advise giving three doses, this helps to largely control the loose motions. On looking around, when you cannot find any medicine at home. If you can find medicine, then you may take it. But if you cannot find it, then this is the first step.

The second step is that the drinking water has to be pre-boiled, so that there is no chance of any further infection in the stomach, and the existing infection can go away. Take one litre of water and boil it, allow it to reach about 3/4 litre, which means that there is a need to boil it slightly, and cover it and allow it to cool. After that add some sugar, and as per the availability at home, add some salt. You have to make this mixture, and this is to be given to the person frequently. This controls the loose motions.

The third solution is to boil the rice, and the water in which the rice was boiled can be given for drinking, by adding some salt for energy. When this water gets digested, then one can move to giving rice or khichdi (Polenta). Green Moong (green gram) lentil soup can be given for drinking, only when the patient mentions that he is hungry, then these two things can be given. including green gram soup (the water in which it is boiled). Other than this, you can continue giving them lemonade or something similar. What else has to be done? You have to take milk and add water on top of curd, or lemon juice has to be added so as to curdle the milk, the unripened curd cheese (chenna) is separated, and the liquid that remains is whey.

If we give a cup of whey to an adult or elderly, 3-4 times a day, A child has to be given as much as he can drink with a spoon, if the mother gives, then loose motions get controlled completely. This is very effective. Whey has no side effect. Other than this, look around your house whatever is available. If the curd is available, but make sure that the person should have Kapha, if curd is available, then a little Isabgol is added to the curd and is given. This helps in loose motions. If you cannot find Isabgol, then you can add half a banana and some sugar which is whisked is given. If that is also not possible, then plain curd can be given. That gives a little relief. You also have to try the other remedies, that I have already discussed earlier. (You may think) Is camphor to be given later? Absolutely, in the case of an emergency, 2-3 does can be given, Later, one dose has to be given in the morning and evening, on an empty stomach. The food intake has to be kept at a minimal.

The patient should be made to be exposed to the sun, and given sweet lime to suck or something similar. Other than this, if there is a bacterial or other infection in the stomach, that gets removed with the help of camphor. If you think you cannot control the situation, then you should seek medical aid. I am not stopping you from doing so, my objective is to only contribute, and to give you proper information. You may want to know what else can be given in the diet? Apple juice may be given, but it is cooling for some people and they are unable to digest it. Some times, due to wind or due to improper digestive capability, no matter what food is taken, it may lead to loose motions.

In such a situation, to avoid the formation of wind, take an apple and insert a skewer and roast it on the flame of the gas stove, then it has to be peeled, mashed and the juice has to be given to the patient, or if he is able to eat it like that, then he can do so. If you do not want to do this, then the way you boil potatoes at home, or when you steam , some vegetable by sprinkling it with water. Similarly, you can steam the apple. You can squeeze the juice out of that apple and give it to the patient. It will get digested very quickly as compared to a regular apple. Khichdi etc (Polenta) may be given, I have shared with you about medicine.

Other than this there are many things at home, which are available in your kitchen Take 2 teaspoons of Fennel seeds for adults, and one teaspoon for a child, boil it in a glass of water, when it reaches half the quantity, allow it to cool after covering it, and when it becomes lukewarm, filter this and give it to drink 2-3 times in a day. Two times is more than sufficient. Other treatment is also going on. Fennel seed water will also help bind the stools. Fennel seeds will help clear the bowels, while the water of fennel seeds will help Remember that this should not be served while hot. Hot water is also to be avoided, which may add to the loose motions sometimes. If you know about any other solution, then keep that in mind, Remember not to give bread and milk. You can give rice, khichadi(Polenta) and curd, You can give buttermilk if he is able to digest it. Other than this the mixture of salt and sugar in water, that I mentioned earlier will be very helpful, Fruit juice will help a lot. It will not let the essential minerals like potassium et cetera to go down, Lemonade will also be very helpful.

Whey is going to be extremely helpful. I have tried to explain about the diet and the solutions, ranging from young children to elderly people. which will help you. Please mention in the comment box below who needed this solution, who tried this experiment and how were you helped with this? Also please mention if there was any shortfall? I will immediately try to work on the problems that you faced in a separate video. But when you comment, and share your positive experiences with others, then they are also benefitted with that.

They believe that the solution is workable. People who have been connected with me for some time, will understand and believe what I have advised. You will try this as an additional remedy, as I am not telling you to stop what you are already doing. If you do something additional that is all the more beneficial. People who are just joining this channel, they have a lot of doubts and misconceptions, and wonder whether they should follow or should not and are these superstitious remedies?

These are not superstitious remedies. But these are essential life skills, that one should know whenever there is an emergency, so that we can manage ourselves and our families on our own. Any kind of infection can be quickly cured by either by fasting, or by consuming fewer foods and light foods, and by serving only as much is easily digestible.

This was today's lesson on loose motions. Do let me have your feedback. There are many things that are available at home that can be given, for example bael powder (wood apple powder), Any tablet that you can find at home, so for some help, or if there is a physician around...

Some people are living in remote locations, they are not allowed to move around, There are many such factors. Be reasonable and use your discretion at such times. If you feel that fennel seed water is helping you in controlling the loose motions, while you're trying the remedies, then follow this remedy for 2 to 4 days. When your digestion starts working properly and your stomach gives you a message that you are hungry, Eat only at that time. Bran has to be avoided at such times. Bread with bran should be avoided. Actually, bread is avoided totally.

Bran may induce loose motions. Similarly, high fibre foods should be avoided totally. If you are giving lentils, then split lentils are advisable. Whole lentils are not given when one has loose motions. You should keep all these things in mind.

That is all for today. Goodbye (Namaskaram) Translated by-Leena Singh The pearl after remaining in the oyster for years, had it not shown as much patience, it would not have been possible for it to have such a dazzling appearance!

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