Forgotten History: Dara Shikoh Son Of Shah Jahan

Forgotten History: Dara Shikoh Son Of Shah JahanD

Dara Shikoh, who could change the history of the Mughal dynasty. Dara Shikoh is considered one of the Ace kings. Here we uncover some forgotten pages of Mughal dynasty's history and political side. Dara Shikoh was the Elder son of the Mughal emperor Shah Jahah and heir to the Mughal dynasty. To make him the next emperor of the Mughal dynasty, his father Shahjahan And the older sister was Jahanara Begum But his younger brother Aurangzeb defeat his brother in a war in the greed of power and killed him. Historians believed that if Dara Shikoh had maintained Mughal power after Shah Jahan, He could end the tarnished history of the Mughal dynasty which was tarnished due to Aurangzeb.

Dara Shikoh was as secular and mighty as his grandfather

Dara Shikoh was as secular and mighty as his grandfather. But history forgot him due to Aurangzeb Taragad fort was born in. Dara Shikoh was born on October 28th, year 1615. At Taragarh Fort located near Ajmer. Dara Shikoh Shah Jahan and his other spouse Mumtaz Mahal and elder son. It is said that Dara's father, Shah Jahan, had asked for the son vows sitting on knees in the court of Moeuddin Chishti Because before that all his daughter had lived. Then Dara Shikoh was born and the Sufi saint had a profound influence on his life.

Dara Shikoh had the qualities of Humayun and Akbar

Dara Shikoh had the qualities of Humayun and Akbar, two great kings of their lineage. The purpose of Dara Shikoh's life was to improvise Hinduism and Islam. Historians believed that if he would succeed in this purpose, So there is no difference between Hindus and Muslims today. The Sufi ideology had a great effect in Dārā's life. When Dara was only 12 years old, his grandfather Jahangir was killed. And his father Shahjahan took over the throne of the Mughal Sultanate. Dara, brothers and sisters have her elder sister Jahanara Begum And younger brother Shah Shuja, Roshanara Begum, Aurangzeb, Murad Baksh and Gauhar Begum were caged. Aurangzeb became powerful from all these, who had held power as the sixth Mughal emperor. Dara did only one marriage in his life On February 01, 1633. Dara Shikoh married his cousin Nadira Banu Begum. Who was the daughter of his uncle Sultan Parvez Mirza. In all the historical articles, the marriage of both of them is considered to be a happy and successful marriage.

Commander of the Mughal Army

Shahjahan declares to make Dara Shikoh his successor, Like other Mughal offspring, Dara Shikoh was also made the commander of the Mughal army at an early age. In 1633 there were 12,000 infantry and 6,000 horse soldiers After Dara's successful campaigns, He had 7,000 horses in 1636, 9000 horses in 1637, 1600 in 10000 horses and 1639 in 15000 horses,  Dara was placed as the commander On 10 September 1642. Shahjahan declared publicly Dara Shikoh his successor. He was in command, awarded the title of "Sahajada-e-bulldoq iqbal" Along with this, he was made general of 20000 infantry and 20000 horse soldiers In 1645. Dara was declared as the viceroy of Allahabad In 1648, giving him more encouragement, along with 30000 infantry and 20000 horse-rider. Gujarat's viceroy post he was given then. Now Dara's father's health began to worsen. But Dara was constantly getting success in his campaigns. In 1652 Dara was conferred the title of "Shah-e-Buland" by making Multan and Kabul's Subedar In 1656, there were 50000 infantry and 40000 army units Malik Junaid gives Dara Shikoh a fraud After the defeat of Dara shikoh in the battle of power, he retreated And went to Lahore via Agra from Delhi. The next target of Dara was Multan and Sindh After winning Sindh, he crossed the Rann of Kutch And from there, he reached Kathiawad where his viceroy Shahnawaz of Gujarat was from Shahnawaz helped Dara open his treasure for him and helped to increase his army. For power Blame the head of Aurangzeb's own brother.

Betrayal and sent to prison

Now Dara Shikoh was taken prisoner due to Junaid's betrayal And he was put on a dirty elephant and brought to Delhi. Now the fate of Dara Shikoh was in the hands of political dictators Aurangzeb's Ministers and Kazi Dara Shikoh to dissolve public peace And sentenced to death for running against Islam On 30 August 1659, Dara Shikoh stigmatized his head in front of his own son. Aurangzeb had noticed his brother head carefully after blaming his head After this, the cruel Aurangzeb sent Dara Shikoh's torso to his captive father, Shah Jahan, on the fort of Agra Seeing the love of his beloved son, Shahjah's kalja got healed And after seeing a cruel son like Aurangzeb, he regretted on himself.

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