Do you know what is Schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia is a term that is well recognized in psychology and mental health but not well understood Schizophrenia has many misconceptions, that include violent and aggressive split personalities and unpredictable behaviors But what is schizophrenia really? What are the symptoms of schizophrenia? And what do people with schizophrenia actually experience?

This article is brought to you by get psyched a channel that looks at all topics in psychology and mental health Check out one of their most recent here on how to develop your self-esteem Check out the link in the description and go subscribe to their awesome channel The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual also known as the DSM is the manual used by psychologists and psychiatrists to diagnose psychiatric illnesses to meet the DSM criteria For schizophrenia a person needs to experience two or more of the following for at least one month Delusions, hallucinations ,disorganized speech, chaotic behavior, and any form of negative symptoms.

Types of symptoms there are two types of symptoms with schizophrenia Positive and negative positive symptoms refer to things that occurred due to schizophrenia And negative symptoms refer to things that are taken away from an individual due to schizophrenia Positive symptoms Positive symptoms are when someone with schizophrenia Experiences a change in behavior. They may have difficulties in telling what is real and what is not real They may also experience exaggerated ideas perceptions or actions negative symptoms Negative symptoms can include a withdraw or lack of effective functions these symptoms usually appear very early on before any formal diagnosis of schizophrenia.

They appear gradually and often get worse at times these negative symptoms can be hard to identify and are evident Only after a diagnosis is recognized as a result These symptoms can often lead to confusion with initial diagnosis as it can often result in people being diagnosed with something else before schizophrenia delusions Delusions are an example of positive symptoms and consist of false beliefs not based on reality They might include thoughts of being harmed or being under threat They may also include thoughts or belief systems that seem odd to other people and can easily be disproved For example, someone might believe that people are trying to brainwash them through their TV or that the FBI is following them hallucinations.

Hallucinations is another example of a positive symptom where people see Hear, feel or smell things that are not there such as hearing voices Different forms of hallucinations include audio where voices can appear comforting supportive or harmful and saddening Seeing where someone might see lights objects of people that are not there smells where people might smell things good or bad that are not there and Feel which can be a wide range of things but ultimately means that people at times feel that something is under their skin Disorganized thinking and speaking.

This is where someone can experience impaired effective communication where people might have difficulty in following along with their Conversation or they might have difficulty following other people's conversations They may also have difficulty in making sense when speaking to others this disorganized thinking and speaking patterns are often a result of cognitive distortions brought about by schizophrenia Disorganize an abnormal motor behavior.

This is where motor behavior can change in dramatic ways and on a variety of levels Someone might present with very childlike silly behavior to unpredictable agitation People can appear jumpy and on edge and can also have difficulties in organizing and understanding their thoughts Now on to negative symptoms loss of interest in things This negative symptom might include the loss of interest in things that a person once enjoyed such as sex relationships leisure activities or social events lack of concentration.

This may include a lack of concentration at work or in social settings people may become reluctant to work or feel Incapable of completing basic tasks due to this impairment with concentration social phobia Social phobia might include someone not wanting to speak to people being uneasy or uncomfortable in social Situations or being difficult in initiating conversations. It can even result in a person not wanting to leave their house Changes in sleep patterns This can be a combination of many changes in sleep patterns It could include someone sleeping more than normal sleeping less or having extreme Irregularities to their sleeping patterns such as sleeping during the day and unable to sleep at night in summary.

Schizophrenia can include many different symptoms some harder to identify than others Positive and negative symptoms include the presence and absence of symptoms all of which make up a diagnosis of schizophrenia If you feel that you or someone, you know may be exhibiting some of the symptoms of schizophrenia.

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