Defense ministers visit of Ladakh in view

Today we talk about Rajnath Singh's Ladakh tour in January. And let's try to know what message the Indian Army has given to the Chinese Army during this tour. Please note that this message is not political. In a photo posted by ANI a few days ago, Mr. Rajnath Singh is holding a sniper gun. A lot of people rejoice at this. Also, new guns and helmets are seen in it. Also in some more photos, the defense minister was seen interacting with the army. In some photos, the Indian Army conveys the message that there are one or two supply routes in the area and that the Indian Army is ready to take action at any time. The Indian Supreme Regiment has 14 battalions. In addition, a battalion of the National Rifles. And two battalions of the Territorial Army. It consists of five battalions of the Air Born and nine battalions of the Special Forces. These battalions are the highest in capability in India.

We've been talking about light tanks for a few days now. The Chinese are deployed on Type 15 Forward Base. The Indian Army also wants a similar tank camp. Because these tanks can be deployed in a very short time and are very beneficial. But the Indian Army has deployed its Main Battle Tank T 90. The advantages of the Chinese light tank have been countered by the Indian Army and the Capability Type 15 tank T90 is not even around. Not only that, but the Indian Army has also deployed another Defense Line Protector t72. These tanks are already deployed with a 125mm gun that can dust the Type 15 to 105mm in an instant. Also, these tanks are a bit old but you can still dust the Type 15. Tanks are not alone when armored forms occur. Accompanied by Infantry Combat Vehicles. T 72, T 90, BMP 2 Sarath are deployed. These three forms can fight the Chinese army well.

This is followed by the Diver Propulsion System Kyiv swim scooters which are used to cross the underwater. This system is very tough in water. Since this system is in Ladakh, it sends a very strong message to China. This means that Marcos Sudha is stationed here and if necessary, Indian troops can cross the Pangong Soo and conduct operations. And in a very short time, they can defeat the Chinese army there. The military demonstrates its power through such political threats. And that's what the Indian Army has done. The message of the Indian Army is clear that they are ready for any situation. The correct answer will be given when necessary.

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