Brahma rasayana for Neuro, Aging and brain related problems

Greetings (Namaskaram)! Today we will discuss a brain tonic to keep the brain agile and healthy, which is an ancient formula taken from the Ayurvedic texts and sages.

As we keep our bodies healthy and agile, by eating Chyawanprash, similarly, there is a Chyawanprash to keep the brain agile and healthy, we call that Brahma Rasayan. Brahma Rasayan is very similar to Chyawanprash, both look like a sauce. This is to strengthen the brain. There are a number of brain illnesses, people ask in their comments or through letters and emails, instead of replying to each one personally, I try to cover all the answers in a single.

Come to talk of it, then there are many illnesses related to the brain. It may be depression... although I have advised the treatment for depression, but apart from that, Brahma Rasayan, will work as a tonic in depression, rather than as medicine. People who have a lot of stress, for example, they get stressed with work, they feel very exhausted at night, the brain is overworked, because working on the computer will tire the brain and not the body, then Brahma Rasayan will be helpful in those cases as well. There is a mental disease, called Alzheimer's.

This is very difficult. Although there are many medicines for Alzheimer's in Ayurveda, Allopathy has no treatment for this. There are many other illnesses, including Dementia, which mostly occurs in elderly people, where they tend to forget. Many people come to me, who are young, but they start forgetting at such a young age. While performing any task, they get so immersed, they keep working and they don't figure out when to stop. There are some mental illnesses like these also. There are problems related to the nervous system also, like trembling hands or tremors in the neck.

It is called Parkinson's. All these problems are related to the central nervous system. Like in some cases, their brain gets degenerated or becomes dry, there is no vitality in the brain, people start forgetting stuff. Children have a weak memory. This will be useful in all these cases. Brahma Rasayan, as I said before is like Chyawanprash. It is not only to be taken in case of brain-related illnesses. Those who are healthy can also take this.

For example, I am a healthy person, if I wish, I can also have this. This will strengthen the brain and is Tridosha Nashak. Tridosha Nashak means that all illnesses related to Vata, Pitta and Kapha. All Vata disorders, like weakness in the brain, migraine.

This will be useful in all of these. Migraine is a Vata disorder. In migraine, some people say that they have migraine problem, and the medicine that I advised, that they have an allergy to milk, they cannot drink milk, then this can be taken. This can be helpful in Migraine. If Migraine has been cured and you want it not to recur, then also you can have this. Or you can complain of a splitting headache, or that the head is sensitive, such that even if someone close-by speaks loudly, or the noise of vehicles, or when they travel, they get a headache. The nerves of the head are weak. They are not able to strain their brain.

Owing to this, they are not able to function properly sometimes. They are not able to maintain their interest as they have mood swings, their mind is not stable, their thinking is not coherent. They do not feel so energetic because of the weak brain. A certain amount of forgetfulness is natural. Some children cannot memorise some things at school, this is good to take in these cases also. There are many benefits. I have spoken about the use in Vata, Pitta and Kapha, so do not think whether you can have it or not.

This covers Vata illnesses as well as Pitta illnesses. This is neither hot nor cold. Do not think if this is hot or cold? These are the formulations of our sages, they have made such accurate formulae, that if you consider that this requires about 50 ingredients, be it Amla or Ghee or Honey or Sandalwood or Cardamom, or whatever be the ingredients, Harad, small Kateri, big Kateri, there are a lot of herbs. 50 herbs are not less. A person cannot get up in the morning and eat 50 herbs. If that person takes just a dose of Brahma Rasayan, that will do the job! There is more sweetness in this tonic.

We give just a little bit to diabetics, if their blood sugar is in check, only then. Since the sugar content is high in this tonic, then we will not give them a higher dose. For the rest, like breastfeeding mothers can also take this. Although this is not given in pregnancy, because a lot of herbs are not generally given in pregnancy. But they can have this post-delivery as a tonic. Some people ask for how long can this be taken? How is this to be taken? There are such pertinent matters. We have understood that this is useful in Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

You have understood the Kapha disorders, where the cold and flu is not getting cured, they are not taking any medicine, or that no medicine is suiting them, then they can take Brahma Rasayan. Rasayan means something that can be taken when someone is unwell, and also when someone is well. Rasayan is a rejuvenator, which can be taken by all. Perhaps this name of Brahma Rasayan is given because, some people believe that this is a formula from Lord Brahma. If you look at it from the angle of Brahma ji's formula, this is not an insignificant matter.

Please understand how to take this? You have to take 1 teaspoon in the morning on an empty stomach, which is 5 grams teaspoon, a small teaspoonful has to be sucked and eaten slowly. Drink water on an empty stomach in the morning, get fresh and then take this. After this, you can practice your yoga or Pranayam, do whatever you wish to, A minimum of 40 minutes to a maximum of 60 minutes after taking this tonic, nothing has to be eaten. Then this Rasayan works very well. This is given in a similar way at night at bedtime.

An hour after taking this, you can have your breakfast. But if you feel that you cannot wait for an hour, there is another way to take this. Ten minutes after taking Brahma Rasayan, you can also drink milk. I mean to say, that even though this has Amla, and other ingredients, its combination is such that, when it is crushed, scrubbed, boiled, and a number of ingredients are added in the preparation, 10 minutes after taking this, you can drink slightly lukewarm milk as well, it would not cause any harm.

This is given twice a day in the morning and evening, if there is any problem of the kind I was discussing earlier in this video. If there is any problem from the ones discussed, then take it in the morning and evening. If there is no problem, then take once daily, you may take this on an empty stomach the morning, if your routine is not so hectic, but if you feel that your morning routine is hectic and have to rush to office, or you are busy with breakfast or something else, then take it at night. 10 minutes later, you can have milk.

This is Brahma Rasayan. You may want to know how long do you need to take this tonic? If someone has some problem, then that this can be easily given for 3 to 6 months. Sometimes this has to be given to some people for a year. For certain problems, this may be required to be given for a year or two. Doctors often prescribe medicine for depression, which has to be taken on an ongoing basis.

Such and such medicine has to be taken on an ongoing basis. In the case of Alzheimer's also you have to take medicine on an ongoing basis. If we have to replace that allopathy ongoing medicine with this medicine, which also can be taken on an ongoing basis, which is not wrong. Although if this has to be taken for long term, then we prescribe the medicine for a continuous period of 3 to 4 months, then take a break of 15 days. This is again started then for a period of 3 to 4 months, followed by an interval of 15 days. This gap is enough. This can be taken on a continuous basis.

If it is a child of less than 12 years age, then half a teaspoon of the tonic can be given. If it is about younger child than this, who has a mental disorder or physical weakness, This will work on the heart, lungs and brain. This will work on other organs also. This will work on the brain, heart and lungs. Asthma or bronchitis and other medicines are too much for some people, and he feels very troubled. Feeling miserable about the multiple illnesses that he has. This Brahma Rasayan should be given in the morning and at night, then it is very good. This is useful in Vaat, Pitta, Kapha disorders.

But I should add one more thing, that if you are very healthy, then you can take this once in a while. Which means that even though you do not take it on a daily basis, you need not do that either. You can take it continuously for a few days sometimes. Sometimes there is a change in season, you feel fatigued or something like that, then, you can take it once in a while. There is no specific restriction of the summer or winter season to take this tonic. This is something that can be taken all throughout the year. This can be taken at any time. There is nothing to be afraid of. There is no side effect.

I have advised you to take one teaspoon of this tonic, in the morning and at night If however, you start consuming it twice or thrice the required dose, so that you can quickly improve your brain power, Then everything has its side effect when taken in excess. Otherwise there is no such side effect. But if you feel like taking an opinion of a physician or an expert, then you may go ahead. This has some sweet content, about which I alerted you in the beginning, This has Amla so if someone has allergy to sour foods, or is allergic to Amla, There are many more herbs in this, I think that this will also take care of the allergy.

Some people are allergic to some substances, this will take care of that too. But if someone finds Amla or any other sour foods allergic, then he can taste this once and test it for himself. Any problem it's ok for him to stay away, but it is safe for others to consume this. This is Brahma Rasayan which will rejuvenate your brain, your memory will get sharpened. Your forgetfulness problems, and other neurological problems like Trigeminal Neuralgia, In which and are painful, Many such brain-related problems, and physical problems... This is useful in all three kinds of Vata, Pitta and Kapha disorders.

I have explained to you the way to use it, and also the precautions to be taken, You may want to know if after taking this tonic, is it important to drink milk, My answer would be, that if you can drink milk after having the tonic then it is excellent, because milk will help make the body more hydrated. These medicines take a long time to show results, and the effect of these medicines stays in the body for a very long time. This is a blessing given to us by God, our sages and our elders. This is a gift for us. It is no less than a gift. Such medicines like Brahma Rasayan, which help cure illnesses which are not treated in allopathy.

That is all for today. Goodbye (Namaskaram)! Do not ask if non-vegetarianism is good or bad, It is enough to appreciate that the pain of being killed is the same for one and all!

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