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Namaskaram (Greetings), I'm Yogi Nityanandam Shree Today, I'll teach you the Yoga exercises for the cure of Hernia. Although, you must practice the yoga sequence for hernia under the supervision of some experienced teacher. Don't do it by yourself. Hernia has some 10-20 types.

So, one has to understand the problem & accordingly make the patient do the exercises. The Hernia is not a disease. This is a mechanical disorder in the body, in which, due to some muscle rupture, our intestines get displaced outside from their position. If some body part comes out from its muscles, although we have a fleshy layer over it, it can be seen bulging out. It pains also & for some, the pain is very unbearable. Remember, when you have extreme pain in hernia, then you don't have to practice any pose. Just practice breathing exercises that too by breathing lightly & deeply. Or you can practice alternate breathing. When your body's oxygen level would increase, it may give you some comfort. However, in case you don't have pain or if you have minor pain from the hernia, and you feel some heaviness very rarely, then you should practice this yoga sequence. There is no need to worry. I'll keep telling you all the precautions along with the practice.

First of all sit straight. As I told many times earlier also, if the life force/ oxygen level in your body increases then it heels itself from every disease. So, sit in the life force pose. I've told this many times earlier in many videos. Let me tell again, Touch the tips of last 2 fingers with the tip of the thumb, Don't do like this, keep it like this. Put your hands on your knees. I'll make separate videos for you, explaining all these poses. As of now, just understand the Life force pose. Keep your both hands on the knees, neither too far nor too near. Keep it on the knees. If you can't sit on the floor, sit on a chair. If you can sit on the floor but get tired very soon then you can lie down in between for sometime. What is to be done? You know, before starting any yoga practice, firstly we recite 'Omkar'.

Take a deep breath, Om (chanting), I show you everything once, then I suggest you to practice it 3 to 5 times. Chanting Om is a promise to oneself that now I've knotted myself with yoga. Now, whatever time I've decided for yoga, I'll not get up again & again in between, and will not do anything else like looking at the mobile or talking to other people. I'll just do yoga. This is an oath. A promise to yourself. Pray to your God that he should bless you to focus completely on your yoga. So that our body also becomes healthy & our mind gets purified so that we can focus on God. That's why we chant 'Omkar'. There are many other benefits like in stress etc. Now start deep breathing. The 1st precaution is that you shouldn't apply force while deep breathing. Secondly, you shouldn't give jerks while deep breathing.

Thirdly, don't fill your lungs 100% while inhaling. Just fill it 70-75%, according to the capacity of your lungs. Just fill your lungs 10-20% less than their full capacity. How will it help? You'll not feel any strain in any of the muscle of your body. If you'll breathe with force (like this) If you do it fast like this, It may aggravate pain. Or if your muscle, which is already ruptured from where the intestine came out, may get hurt. Although, I already told you some time back about the types of hernia. What to do in which type of hernia, and do's & don't of hernia. Understand the hernia well. So that you can treat it with the right method. I've already provided you all these videos. If you wish, you can find their links in the description box below The videos are also flashing on the top of your screen at the 'i' button. You can also press the thumbnails which will be shown at the end of this. It's very important to watch those videos. Today we are practicing Yoga.

This was the first exercise i.e. deep breathing. You need to breathe in & breathe out slowly. You can do it for 5 minutes. In 5 minutes you can do it for 50 or 60 times. Do it slowly & but inhale deeply. There is no restriction on breathing deeply. Just don't breathe forcefully & don't fill lungs completely.

This was the first exercise. The second exercise is Rapid exhalation. For this, make sure to keep a belt or a long cloth just like this belt that I have today. Take such a belt & tie it on your stomach. If somebody doesn't have a belt, he can tie a cloth also. Take a cotton cloth, which should feel comfortable & not heaviness. So, let me tie this. You may keep the length of cloth or belt according to your waist size & weight. After tying this, apply energy gesture. Then start 'Rapid exhalation' slowly. Don't apply force in this & you must make less noise. It should feel as if you are squeezing your tummy inside very softly. Just like a kid with utter innocence & softness. It shouldn't be forcing exercise like this. Just sit relaxed and do it very patiently. (Like this) In the begining it should be so slow as if somebody is clicking a button. You may think whether it will benefit or not.

Definitely. When your muscles will start moving in initial 10-15 days, and if you don't feel any pain and feel comfortable then your confidence will built up. Then gradually increase the intensity of the exercise. The reason behind tying this belt is that your stomach muscles should become tight so that your intestines get tucked in & don't fall out due to any jerk. That's why it's important to keep it tied. Let me tell you one more thing. After Rapid exhalation & Deep breathing that we just performed, for the next exercise, you need to contract your anus inside up. How will you do it? It's like when a horse drops its dung. After dropping the dung, the horse contracts it's anus inside. SImilarly you need to do it. Though while doing 'Rapid exhalation' you cannot do it. as 'Rapid exhalation is a process of purgation, you may have flatulence while doing it. In fact, it must happen.

That's why we don't contract anus while doing it. For the next exercise, you need to contract anus. Just take a deep breath, sit in 'Prana Gesture' Inhale & exhale slowly. Once you exhale all your breath Don't squeeze your stomach too much & don't force the breath out. Just exhale normally & empty your stomach. Empty up stomach very softly. Then contract your anus upward. Now deflate your stomach a bit (like this). After these two steps tuck your chin to the chest. Hold your breath for 10-15 seconds then inhale back. This is called 'Bahya Pranayama' but to be done without any pressure, the way I've shown you just now In this, you will not even deflate your stomach with force. Deflate it slowly. Gradually in 5-10 days, you need to increase the deflating force. So, don't do it at once.

There is one more breathing exercise, 'Agnisar' (Abdominal churning). Don't do it. Also, in hernia problem, don't do any exercise which requires bending backward. For example, Camel pose, Cobra pose or any other pose in which we bend backward In sun salutation also we bend backward. So don't do it. I suggest, don't do Sun salutation until you get well. There are some more poses that you need to do after this. First of all, spread your legs in front. (like this). Move your toes like this (pressing down & stretching back). Why is it important? This will help to circulate your blood to your naval & in the upper body. Your toes are the last corner of your body. From here, your nerves turn back. So, you need to start from here only and do this for around 2-4 minutes.

By this, blood will pump upward which will heal you quickly i.e. your intestines will become stronger & will get tucked in and muscles will also repair & will bind them back again. So, this exercise is to circulate the blood in the naval. Although if you don't do it during morning yoga, it can be done anytime during the day. Just do it after 1-1.5 hours of having meals. You can do it while watching the TV. Do like this also for some time.(Moving feet backward & forward alternatively). This should also be done without force. Then pull them backward, and in circular motion.

All these exercises are important. After this, you need to begin the next exercise. Inhale & stretch your hand & body upward.Don't lean backward, just stretch upward. Exhale & grip your toes. Practice holding this pose only for 10-15 seconds in the initial 9-10 days. After 10-15 days do like this. Inhale, go upward, exhale slowly without exerting force, bend forward. If you can touch feet, it's very good, but if you can't then don't force yourself. Gradually with practice, there will be a day when you can touch your forehead on the knees. But do this exercise very softly. Don't exert pressure at all. Besides this, the other exercises that you need to do are butterfly, in which you fold your legs (& move like this), after joining the soles of your feet. You can also do some other exercises like Sit straight on your back like this.

Then fold one leg & keep the other straight Keep your palms touching the ground. Inhale & lift your leg which is straight. Hold your breath for sometime. Exhale & release your leg down. Change the leg positions. Inhale & lift the leg. Initially lift it a bit around 1 feet from the ground. Exhale & release it back. Do it for 5-6 times. Increase its time after a week or so. Then you can do it 10 times. After doing this, in the second exercise lift your leg a bit more. like this. If it's possible then hold for 10 seconds otherwise hold for 5 seconds. But don't do it fast. After doing it for 4-5 days, if you feel better, then do this exercise. Keep both your legs straight, palms touching the ground, Inhale & lift both the legs up. Don't lift till here on the first day only. On the first day, just raise alternate legs a bit till here. Second day, lift till here. Repeat it for 3-4 days.

Then if you wish, lift one leg at a time. Like this. Practice lifting one leg at a time. Don't force yourself. Just lift it softly. Breathe normally. Then release it down. Then if you feel that it's been a month doing these exercises & I'm feeling stronger, also, you don't feel pain anymore, then you can lift both legs together. So, lift it after a month, not from the very first day. Then, once you practice this for 10-15 days & your body feels stronger. Also, you feel comfortable than before. After doing these many exercises if you feel that your problem has reduced, then you need to do the next exercise that I'm going to tell. If you don't feel relieved then cut this exercise from your schedule.

Take a deep breath (lift your one leg & your upper body together as if you want to touch the toes.) This is called 'Ekpad-naukasana' (One-legged boat pose), in which you need to inhale & lift one leg, hands, shoulders & neck. Make sure that the levels of your hands, leg & neck are same. It shouldn't be very high or very low. Do it only when you feel that your body can bear this. Even if it takes 10 or 20 days. But do it only when you get a good hold of the other exercises. First, increase the repetitions of the other exercises i.e. 2-4-6-10 or 20 times. When you feel stronger & confident while doing these exercises, then add this exercise to your schedule after 5-10 days only. Once you lift your leg, you need to hold your breath, Why to hold? So that you stay energized & feel strength to hold this posture.

So, this was 'Ekpad-naukasana' (One-legged boat pose). You can do it with both legs also. But do it only when you get very much relief in your problem which means, when you feel that your problem is almost 80% cured Sometimes, in haste, the problem aggravates instead of reducing. So, don't try this exercise in haste. Be very patient. Analyze your body very well & make sure if you can do it or not. It's not restricted. Just give yourself some time. After this, Inhale & lift both your legs at 90 degree. then bend your body back. Once you bend back, place your hands on the back, then raise your legs up. This is called 'Viparita Karani' (legs up the wall pose). Keep breathing normally. Keep your legs at around 130 degrees. Don't keep them straight & also don't bend them too much. When you feel expertise in doing this also & you feel comfortable with this, then you can bend backward completely like this. Place your hands down.

Keep breathing normally. Then place your backbone down slowly. You can take support of your hands also. Sometimes when you go down, you feel jerks & body rebounds, if this is the situation with you then don't do this exercise. Otherwise, do it in someone's presence who can hold you while going down. and you don't get up with the jerk like this. This is even more harmful. That's why I said that these poses that I told the one with 90 degrees, 120 degrees i.e. 'legs up the wall' pose & the Plough pose This pose should only be practiced either in somebody's guidelines or if you are very much cured. If your body's condition is not good, you feel that you are not fit & you just started yoga a few days back and your body doesn't have strength then don't practice these three poses that I just told.

These should be done once you reach the advanced level. Now, if you don't practice these three poses then what to do? Even if you practice these three also then what to do after these? Let me tell you. Bend your right leg like this and press the knee towards your chest. pull your foot towards yourself & then push it back. Breathe normally because you have just started this exercise. After practicing it once or twice then inhale then exhale & press it like this. Just see why I've kept the other leg folded. because you don't need to strain your muscles too much in the beginning. Once you do it for 3-4 days and you feel it's suiting you, then you can keep the other leg straight. So, pull your foot towards you & push back. Keep moving it forward & backward like this. You need to breathe out & press your knee properly, as if you are squeezing your stomach completely.

This is 'Ekpad-Pawanmuktasana' (One-legged Wind Relieving Pose) Repeat the same with the other leg like this. Once you become confident in doing this also. You feel that now you can do all exercises comfortably, then you need to do this pose with both the legs together after 5-10 days. Inhale, Exhale then press it tightly, then contract your anus. Your stomach should squeeze. Keep moving it forward & backward like this.

Then you need to practice the Corpse Pose. In this, you need to lie straight on your back and in the beginning, keep contracting & releasing your anus. contract it again, hold for 15 seconds & release for 10 seconds. Again contract completely for 5-20 seconds & release for 10 seconds. Do this for 40-50 times. This is called 'Ashwini Mudra' (Horse gesture), as we contract & release the anus like a horse. You can do it at the end of your session or while practicing poses in which you lift your leg Just don't do it with Rapid exhalation & Deep breathing exercises. You can do it with Alternate breathing also. After all these poses you must practice the Spinal Twist pose.

I tell every time that we get strain in our back (after all these exercises) So, breathe in & twist left. Exhale & move back. Again inhale & twist in the other direction. Exhale & return back. There are 6-7 types poses in the Spinal twist. I've explained them in a separate video. You'll get its link also below this video (in the description box). You can practice all those 7 poses. Although it has no direct link with the hernia but in a way, it is linked, because it helps to make your muscles stronger. your intestines will get set on their place. Don't do it fast with jerks like this. Doing fast is prohibited. Just lie down after doing this much.

In Hyperhernia and few other types of hernia, you can add some more exercises. I'll explain them in a separate video. For now, This is the Corpse pose. In this, loosen up your body. When you start the corpse pose then do not contract your anus. When you contract the anus, that will not be considered as the Corpse pose. Practice the Corpse pose separately for 1-2 minutes. After this, fold your right leg. Turn on your left side & get up slowly taking the support of your hands. This is the way to get up. You should not give a jerk while sitting up. Otherwise whatever benefits you would have in 10-20 days by heeling of muscles you'll lose all the benefits in that one jerk.

A hernia patient should not get up with jerk or even jump ever in life. Do not do any jumping exercises. Although you can practice the Mountain pose. I've explained this in many videos. You may already know it. Even in the Mountain pose, don't give jerk while stretching your body. you can stretch the body slowly. This is beneficial. You can also do the alternate breathing in which you inhale & close the right nostril with the thumb of the right hand. Inhale from the left nostril then close the left nostril & exhale from the right nostril. You already know its process. Practice the Alternate breathing for 10-15-20 minutes as the longer you would practice the alternate breathing, you'll get more oxygen which will speed up the healing.

Then you can do the 'Ujjai Paranayam' (Breath of fire) in which you contract the throat (and make a sound like this). You need to breathe in like this. Then exhale. I have made a separate video on the breath of fire. Please watch it. you can practice this 8-10 times. I'll make one more video. A hernia patient may ask, "These are the exercises that I need to practice to cure myself," "But what about the exercise to make my complete body healthy & shouldn't harm in hernia also." The exercises which should benefit my body & should not harm in hernia. I'll explain in a separate video about the exercises that you can practice, so that your complete body stays healthy.

These are the exercises specifically for curing hernia. If you need to practice Cobra pose in this then you'll practice half-raised Cobra pose. in which you lie on your stomach & touch your arms till elbows on the ground. Then inhale & lift your body a bit. Make sure your elbows don't move up from the ground. This is called 'Salambh Bhujangasana' (Sphinx Pose). This can be done once you spend a few days doing the other exercises. Even if you don't do this, whatever I taught today is enough. Although you can practice to sit keeping one leg on the other. Like this.

This is called 'Gomukhasana' (Cow face pose). In this, hold your hand at your back & sit peacefully. You can do it while watching TV or chit-chatting, before meals or after meals. If you don't feel like holding your hands then simply sit like this. This is very beneficial for hernia patients. You can also sit on a chair and lift your legs.

Firstly, lift one leg at a time then lift both the legs. Inhale & lift your legs. Hold for some time then exhale & return back. Do it alternatively from both the legs. This is also very helpful. Basically, you need to strengthen your muscles. But do not let any force exerted on your muscles otherwise it will harm later. I've told you the precautions for Rapid exhalation also. Do not move your belly fast & don't jump in any pose. You can practice the poses in which you bend forward but avoid the poses in which you bend backward. Even when you bend forward just remember not to bend with a jerk. Because your muscles will tuck back slowly.

With exercises, as the muscles get stronger, they will become flexible and will be pulled back to their original place. Also, they will roll back the intestines. But if your problem is chronic and you have severe pain then please consult your doctor. Because sometimes you are not able to cure just with yoga. When the case is very critical, it needs to be operated immediately. So please also consult your doctor & follow his guidelines. If possible, delay the surgery. If at all you need to get it done, then there are many advanced surgeries these days. in which very minor cuts are required.

There are many similar treatments for Hernia. I'll explain very soon. In this schedule, you can finish with Bee Breathing. I'm not demonstrating it right now as I've made a separate video for it. This was the yoga schedule for you. You need to practice it daily. That's all for today. Namaskaram (Goodbye).

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