An ancient practice of India - Yoga

15000 years ago, A yogi appears in the upper regions of the Himalayas. Nobody knew where he came from. So people gathered around him because he was such a phenomenal presence. A large group of people gathered they expected him to say something or do something but he did nothing and he said nothing he simply sat still.

Not for a day, not for a month, but for years he simply sat still. Everybody was expecting a miracle. but nothing happened. He just sat there. But they were missing A most fundamental miracle of course. The nature of your body is saturated now you are well attended to. You will have lunch in the afternoon maybe a snack in the evening. and so you don't fall asleep you had a coffee and so on. Your body is a series of processes only if you are attending to them. it's fine and if you don't attend to it then you see what a trouble it is. If you do not attend it, it will be so compulsive.

People could not recognize whether he is alive or dead. The only sign of life was tears of ecstasy dribbling down his cheeks. Only seven people hung on and all other people had disappeared. Today we are celebrating these people as a Saptarishi. These were the first disciples of the Adhyogi. The seven people showed interest but the yogi warned them that this is not for you. Then they had given some proprietary steps to follow and those seven people followed that and were practicing these steps. Then one day as the sun turned to the south the yogi also turned to them and gave an explanation of the mechanism of the body and yoga to those seven people. And that is today called The world international Yoga day. Then the yogi started to explore his knowledge for many years. He gave this elaborate knowledge to the world. Then asked seven people to go seven different directions in the world.

One went to Central Asia. Another wet to North Africa, Another went to South America, Another went to Southeast Asia, One went down in the lower part of the Himalayas, One stayed with him and one more who is very important to us Agatsyamuni came down to the south. He is known as a father of southern mysticism. Because he did not spend a single human habitation. South of the Vindhyas, In the Deccan plateau,

made sure every single human being who lived in this place had some senses of the spiritual process.

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